Making Children`s Bows

I expect that quite a few of you reading this had their first experience with bows and arrows when you were a child, in the woods making your own bow with a twig of Hazel and some elastic, or maybe your parents making one for you.  Well, sadly most young people nowadays are either not allowed to go out in the woods or simply want to stay at home and play games with their thumbs, so it was rather refreshing to get the order for a couple of `kids bows` as shown in the videos below.  

As you will see, just as much work goes into making a child`s bow as an adult`s, they are simply smaller.  Hopefully these videos will go some way to inspiring a new generation of Archers and Bowyers.

In the following video, which is one of my `catch-up`videos, I show the finished Children`s bows and some of the polishing processes involved in the final stages of making bows.