Arrow Plate Inserting some shell to protect the bow from the Arrows passing.

If you are now happy with Tiller and in to the finishing stages, sanding/varnishing etc, one more thing needs to be added, an Arrow Plate.  Sometimes called an Arrow Pass, because, put simply, its where the arrow passes the bow as you loose (let go of the string) which can eventually ware a mark or depression into the wood at that point.  By putting in a material of higher density and hardness you can give your bow an added lifespan, it can  also help keep its looks.  Various materials can be used, the examples above are Mother of Pearl, some people use horn or even metals.  We were once asked to insert a gold Arrow Plate which had real diamonds set into it, the customer inherited his mothers wedding ring and had it melted down into the form of an Arrow Plate so he could continue to use it himself.  The Arrow Plate is one of the areas of bow making that allow for some `artistic flair`, much of the bow making process is guided by what the wood will allow you to do, the nocks, handle and Arrow Plate are the few adornments that you can personalise and make the bow your own and differentiate your work from other Bowyers.


Follow along with the video below to learn how to insert an Arrow Plate.