Roughing Out If you are using a DIY kit, then you probably have a pre-made stave, you will need to rough it out.

So, you have a nice cut out stave (a stave is a piece of wood cut to the correct tapers/measurements for making a bow) now you need to change that squared potential bow into a `D` section.  Put simply, this means rounding the corners of the back and removing wood from the belly side until it curves evenly from one side to the other, here is a picture of the `D` section (see below) shape taken from a bow cut in half, cutting bows in half is not something we recommend!...though you may feel like doing that at times, stay strong and TAKE YOUR TIME.  You will need some basic tools, a spoke shave, a rasp and a cabinet scraper always comes in handy.  Now watch the video.

`D` Section Cut through of Longbow to show the `D` Section.

Not all staves are easy to rough-out materials can differ greatly and cause their own set of problems to overcome, Self Yew (a bow made just from one material is called `self`) is a particularly hard one to deal with, it can have many knots and `lumps` to deal with, in this next video we take a look at how to tackle this type of material...